Embryo is an interactive virtual platform where two users, choosing among different genetically determined traits, create virtual embryos – their own virtual progeny. Thus created embryos are exhibited in an “embryo gallery”.

Imagine you descendants and make them alive in Embryo!


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Embryo was dealing with biotechnology as one of the fastest emerging fields of present-day technology ( back in 1998 ). In the second phase of the project, the society of virtual people created by Internet users was compared to the inhabitants of a real  society. All Internet users willing to take part in the project were invited to join the mailing list, discuss the actual issues of genetic engineering and cloning, comment on the presented ideas, etc. A number of presentations and discussions were organised with the eminent Croatian natural and social scientists as well as the broader public. In addition to the discussion evenings, there was also an open term  in the gallery for everyone interested in the topic. The visitors could organise their own presentations, talks, discussions, or workshops. Although never named as a speculative design project, it showed strong potential for a speculative approach by initiating and facilitating dialogue between experts and the public about diverse implications of potential technological development.