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We would like to present you with a unique opportunity to meet our Man-Machine Relationship consultants. You can choose which consultant you would like to speak with, or you will be assigned the next available consultant.

A consultancy session takes about 15 minutes and consists of a series of questions asked by the consultant and a short discussion about those questions. After the end of your session, a statement will be sent out with a text to read or an action to take. Each visitor has the right to leave at any moment during the session.

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Man-Machine Affairs Consultancy

Man-Machine Affairs question the existing technology, its impact on an individual and the society, as well as the relationship between a man and a machine by collecting stories and experiences through interviews, discussions, questionnaires and practical case studies. Further investigation is carried-out by a joint co-creation of fictional scenarios with the help of various designed objects ( discussion objects ). Social sciences research methods ( interviews, questionnaires, discussions ) make important tools in the speculative approach and getting feedback about possible future scenarios from users. Also, in order to expand the discussion platform, the authors use methods taken from the world of theatre, i.e. they set up a pseudo-office for consulting which in fact serves as a cover for collecting information.