Eutropia is a Mediterranean city-state living in absolute material security and social wellbeing for more than 30 years. During the great global recession of the 21st century, the city government signed a contract with an international consortium regulating trade of information generated by the city. City developed a state-of-the-art infrastructure for collecting data generated by its citizens ( from privately-owned apartments, public institutions, leisure and entertainment facilities to public urban areas ). Citizens voluntary cooperate in order to assure a constant flow of information. The new information-based economy, or rather, the export of data, guarantees independence and welfare to all citizens. In this city there is no unemployment and work belongs to the sphere of leisure.

In Eutropia, a consumerist welfare oasis, privacy is nothing but an ideological misconception.


Design fiction as a genre and video and film as means of communication are used for the development of the speculative concept. The featured video follows one citizen and shows how the city of Eutropia impacts him and his everyday life. By highlighting some conventional moments from everyday life, it aims to persuade, convince and immerse the audience. Artefacts designed for the video are not only stage props designed for the video shooting, but also products, or speculative objects contributing to the believability and inspiring discussions. The additional attention was paid to the city’s visual identity and the protagonists’ dress code following the presupposed aesthetic of the near future.