1 I would position myself somewhere between technology criticism, HCI, social studies, digital art, media theory, foresight and futurism. I am not sure this has a name yet–there is a couple of us who all know what we are doing and how and share a secret handshake. I also work in education which means that I spend a lot of time busting job titles and specialisations so I am kind of adverse to positioning. Either way, I have never made a chair or a poster.

2 Well, that is what I have been trained in and what I teach so I guess it is central although I am always trying to challenge the principles involved and push them in new directions. It is good to see it going beyond the gallery context in my own work and the work of others so it seems to have a new developing role sidling up to the horrorshow of “design thinking” which it can hopefully augment.

3 Yeah. I do alright.