Put your best dress on, turn on the laptop and enjoy the dinner with your significant other across the ocean.

A Set For Online Romantic Dinner consists of a half plate, corner plate, jewellery headphones, bow tie headphones, key-cloth ( so you don’t spill your wine on the keyboard ) and the rules of etiquette on how to behave during an online romantic dinner. Inspired by Berthold Brecht’s distancing objects and a 2009 Skype wedding which simultaneously took place on the airports in Dubai and London, the set and associated performance are designed for couples in long distance relationships who would like to make their online encounters significantly more romantic. The project deals with the patterns of digital communication and investigates fetishes in the virtual landscape representing critical artefacts of the media landscape that we inhabit. It is the result of a research for an MA project at the St. Martin’s School of Art in London. The artefacts, designed as real  products with subtle aesthetic, objects of desire, acting as “diegetic objects”, are commonly used in speculative projects for creating a specific atmosphere in communication and presentation of speculative scenarios

Laptop_Embroidered_Keycloth_detail-1  CornerPlate_3DPrint_GlazedCeramics2-1