1 I would situate my most recent work in an artistic context, in the sense that it deals with a specific phenomenology. This, of course, does not necessarily mean that it cannot be intended for a client, but in its brief it is closer to futurism and foresight, and as such functions in communication with the environment.

2 The role of speculative design is very relevant because it has great potential for communication – it can point to certain issues and thus determine the direction of the development of future production. This aspect of speculative discourse, the scenario approach to both design and art, is very important in my work, as I was inspired by it during my postgraduate studies in London.

3 As far as I am familiar with design practice abroad, designers can make a living from such work because they design for galleries, for which they receive fee and get exposure for their work in a gallery setting. The commissions are small and limited, distributed exclusively via a network of galleries. Such a practice has not yet been established in Croatia. Also, abroad designers hold lectures or presentations, for which they also receive fees in most cases. In Croatia speculative design is not yet rewarded in the sense that a company would hire you to prepare a futurological case study, but I hope it will develop a sensitivity for this type of creative niche.