1 It is very hard for me to position my practice in one of the existing categories due to the fact that I am involved in various projects and what seems to be unifying my practice, regardless of the medium in which I am working at a particular moment, is the examination of the present state of things and thinking about possible new values and contexts.

2 It seems that speculative design has found its niche. It is no longer a novelty; it has been popularized, especially outside of Croatia. It appears as a reaction to the world saturated with products. Even design biennials with a long tradition are now turning towards new practices and this form of experiment took place at the BIO 50, biennial design exhibition in Ljubljana in 2015, under creative direction of Jan Boelen, Belgian designer and curator.

3 I believe that it is possible to make a living from this kind of work if one is persistent. Outside of our region it is probably much easier. However, we see that the space for this type of thinking about design, where form, function and cost-effectiveness are not the only criteria, is slowly opening here as well.