1 Generally, at the conceptual and production level, my work is a hybrid. When it comes to production, it is a hybrid of different media, whereas conceptually in most cases it refers to a number of different pieces of information or moments in history. The mutations in the process result in new forms and phenomena. It should be pointed out, however, that my works in the medium of design and my works in the medium of art often do not correspond, except for the fact that they have been created by the same person. Perfume was deliberated and conceptualizes as a work of art. It is possible to contextualise this work within speculative design practices, but it was not conceived as such. I suppose speculative design practice would be more focused on terms such as anti-perfume and anti-scent, whereas my artistic research actually sees a potential anti-perfume as perfume itself or meta-perfume. Perfume is the scent of an individual, most often the smell of shame and embarrassment, the hidden and socially unacceptable smell of society itself. Here, there are no questions to be raised or supposedly close-ended issues to be opened. Pure and simple – we have been raised and taught that it is shameful to give off odours, that except for scents synthesized and approved by the “finer” parts of society, body odours are undesirable.

2 I find it difficult to fully respond to this question because I am not engaged in speculative design. As far as art is concerned, it can but doesn’t have to use specific parameters that you would put in the category of speculativity. In contrast to the common perception of speculative design practice, I feel that the vast majority of art is closely related to the real world in which we live and that it is not separated from reality. Parameters that fall under the category of speculativity have actually been, for more than a hundred years now, the basic elements in the creation of any good work of art.

3 There is an interest for this kind of work in systems of developed societies governed by people who have been using their intellect and surplus of financial resources for more than three generations of ancestors. In other words, not in Croatia.